RED Standard OLPF vs. RED Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF – Dynamic Range and Color

VIDEO   One of the great features that I find in RED cameras is the ability to swap OLPFs on-the-fly. It really gives you another level of flexibility in choosing the right tool for your shooting condition. In Red’s new DSMC2 bodies, swapping OLPFs is even easier than before, and I find it to be another step in their commitment to keeping the Red as modular as possible. I would have no problem swapping OLPFs on set in the middle of shooting; it’s quick and very easy to do — even you’re 2nd AC could do it!   Currently, Red offers 4 OLPFs, which have pretty descriptive names. You shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out what each one is good for. Standard – Red’s newest OLPF that combines the characteristics of Skin Tone-Highlight and Low-Light Skin Tone-Highlight – Helps preserve skin tones and highlights in bright conditions Low Light Optimized – Helps reduce noise and retain detail in low light situtations H2O – For underwater   In this particular test, I wanted to see how the Standard OLPF compared to the popular Skin Tone-Highlight. I’ve been told it has “Alexa-like” highlights, but can it make that much of a difference?   Testing Methodology and Parameters   […]