RED Komodo Full Dynamic Range Test – Is it really 16 stops???

The RED Komodo is RED’s latest camera, boasting a small form factor and global shutter, something not seen in other RED cameras. I conducted a full dynamic range camera test with the new RED Komodo Stormtrooper model, from +8/-8 stops in half-stop increments with proper control variables. It’s worth mentioning that the camera is technically still in beta and unreleased as well as not officially announced by RED. This is only part 1 of the series, part 2 will go into a commentary and analysis in how I view the dynamic range. Please use Part 1 as an objective guide in the dynamic range and draw your conclusions! Would love to see what you think. Huge thanks to Derrick Fortin for lending his Komodo and time to conduct the test – he reached out after I posted in the group looking for a Komodo to test with. We also tested an Arri Alexa, RED Epic-W Helium, RED Weapon 6K, and Blackmagic Pocket 4K to compare with the Komodo’s dynamic range which I’m still working on. Let me know what you think where the dynamic range sits and how you would use it!

RED Standard OLPF vs. RED Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF – Dynamic Range and Color

VIDEO   One of the great features that I find in RED cameras is the ability to swap OLPFs on-the-fly. It really gives you another level of flexibility in choosing the right tool for your shooting condition. In Red’s new DSMC2 bodies, swapping OLPFs is even easier than before, and I find it to be another step in their commitment to keeping the Red as modular as possible. I would have no problem swapping OLPFs on set in the middle of shooting; it’s quick and very easy to do — even you’re 2nd AC could do it!   Currently, Red offers 4 OLPFs, which have pretty descriptive names. You shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out what each one is good for. Standard – Red’s newest OLPF that combines the characteristics of Skin Tone-Highlight and Low-Light Skin Tone-Highlight – Helps preserve skin tones and highlights in bright conditions Low Light Optimized – Helps reduce noise and retain detail in low light situtations H2O – For underwater   In this particular test, I wanted to see how the Standard OLPF compared to the popular Skin Tone-Highlight. I’ve been told it has “Alexa-like” highlights, but can it make that much of a difference?   Testing Methodology and Parameters   […]