Jun 17

“DAD MOMENTS” – Short Film Shot on RED Scarlet-W and Leica R

Here’s a short film that I co-produced and shot. I’m proud of what we came out; it was one of those projects that everything just seemed to come together and felt “right.”

We had a pretty compressed schedule and wanted to release it in time for Father’s Day. From our first pre-production meeting to the final cut was a total of 1 month, 3 days of shooting, and 2 weeks of post.


Check out our final product:


Shot on the RED Scarlet-W with Leica R lenses.


We really couldn’t have done it with our awesome cast and crew.


Starring Darrell Philip, Ellen Humphreys, and Jamie Timmons

Written & Directed by Nick Wilson

Produced by Colin Rieser, Nick Wilson, and Brian Nguyen

Director of Photography: Brian Nguyen

Camera Assistants: Grant Bell & Tony Marquez

Gaffers: Brian Hayashi & Shaun Vivaris

Production Designer: Deja Gordon

Hair, makeup, and wardrobe: Dyana Aives


Feel free to leave comments or questions regarding anything to the film! I would be more than happy to elaborate on it.



BTS Photos by Amanda Pennino

About the Author:
Brian is a freelance cinematographer based out of Los Angeles, CA.

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