Mar 27

RED Scarlet-W Dragon vs. Panasonic VariCam LT – FULL Dynamic Range Comparison

  Here’s a big one for you guys. This will be a series of posts regarding this over-under exposure test with the RED Scarlet-W and Panasonic Varicam LT. I not only compared the Varicam LT to the Scarlet-W, but also compared individual settings within both cameras, such as the RED’s Standard OLPF vs. Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF and the Varicam’s Native 800 ISO mode vs. Native 5000 ISO mode. Many more posts spawning from this test to come, so stick around ūüôā   RED Scarlet-W (Standard OLPF) vs. Panasonic Varicam LT Dynamic Range I was recently invited to the Panasonic Headquarters to take part in a complete over-under exposure test with their new, not-yet-released Panasonic Varicam LT. The tests were conducted and produced by the incredible cinematographer and AFI alumni¬†Toshi Kizu¬†with Panasonic’s camera engineer Takahiro Mitsui present to take us through the camera and running the tests. ¬†The Varicam LT uses the same exact sensor as the full-sized Varicam 35; it’s just a new, smaller and compact body — the Varicam “Light” (hence LT). ¬†As far as I know, the Varicam LT has not been officially released and this is still considered to be pre-release footage and more tweaks to the […]
Mar 21

RED Scarlet-W (First Footage) – Dragons and Puppies

  Over the past few days, I’ve been circulating some of the first footage shot with the RED Scarlet-W. There really aren’t many of these out in the wild, and as far as I know; I was one of the first to receive the camera (brain only) after switching my pre-order from¬†the Red Raven to the Scarlet-W. As most would expect, the image is very similar to the other Red cameras, the Epic and Scarlet. Red’s Dragon sensor remains the same, so in theory the image should stay the same, right? Not quite. Red’s latest¬†generation of camera bodies, which Red refers to as DSMC¬≤ cameras, include the Weapon, Scarlet-W, and Raven.¬†Retired is the surname¬†“Dragon” as all the new DSMC2 cameras from Red now employ the Dragon sensor as opposed to their older Mysterium-X (MX) sensor. From this point forward, saying Weapon Dragon or Scarlet-W Dragon is simply redundant, though it will be hard to drop as the industry has been stuck on “Red Dragon” for a couple years now. You’d be surprised how many calls I hear of people asking for a “Red Dragon camera,” not realizing that “Red Dragon” can either mean the Epic Dragon or Scarlet Dragon… but […]